Peridot from Pakistan

These particular gems were faceted from a parcel of Peridot from Pakistan. Pakistan has produced some of the finest, most consistently colored Peridot in the world. Yes, I was into triangle cuts at this time... The two pictures on the left are the top and bottom view of this stone; the lily pad inclusions are readily visible. Click on an image to see a larger view.
Pakistan Peridot 1, top view Pakistan Peridot 1, bottom view   Pakistan Peridot 2, trilliant Pakistan Peridot 3, trilliant

The stones in this picture of Peridot rough shows some of the faceting material, there was a lot of good, clean cutting material here. Click on the image to see a larger view.
Pakistan Peridot rough

This final stone is an example of a mineral just cut because of the neat 'needle' inclusions in it. This Peridot was loaned to us courtesy of Click on any picture to see a larger view.
Pakistan Peridot with cool needle inclusions

I rough cut this material with a 360-grit plate, followed with a fine cut on a 1200-grit plate, and finished with a 14k polish. I typically use quartz angles for cutting garnet unless I have a reason to try something else (like the rough is too thin, or it is thick enough to try something fun and different).

Peridot has a hardness of about 6.5 - 7, making it reasonably suitable for all types of jewelry.

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